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Born in Inglewood, South Central Los Angeles, in 1963 and again in SouthTown San Antonio in 1992. He studied design and marketing at Pasadena College of Art and Design.

Tatum worked at multiple ad agencies in Los Angeles, including Doyle Dane Bernbach, Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, HRLA (Disney), as well as other graphic design firms.

In 1985, Tatum started painting and drawing, and designed his own skate/street line - LA Bronx while representing famous graffiti artists Risk, Realm and Mear One.

After selling his company in 1990, Tatum moved to Grand Cayman and produced art for the Caribbean Tourist Council and sold work in Jamaica on a regular basis for a year.

Tatum moved to San Antonio Texas in the beginning of 1992 and has painted full time as well as freelanced as a creative director. He now currently runs Tatum Originals Choice Goods as well as paints Murals and schleps Art.

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